Inside a Blogger Swag Bag: Cream Of Nature & ORS

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Have you ever wondered what was inside those fancy swag bags that Bloggers and VIP's at natural hair events get. 

Have you ever had the urge to just walk by that VIP girls seat and "mistakenly drop your phone" next to her bag just so you could have an excuse to look in?

No? That was just me before I became a blogger *side eye* FINE! Lol

Even though I KNOW y'all are lying about sneaking to look in peoples bags...worry no more. I'm going to give you and exclusive peek inside my blogger swag bag from the Ultimate Brown Beauty Retreat!

When your a blogger its pretty much your job to attend, cover or host events and I have to admit in most cases there are pretty cool perks that come with the work. Sometimes it the back stage access and others its SUPER DOPE SWAG BAGS! 

This past weekend The Ultimate Brown Beauty Retreat in DC hosted by Ms Vaughn and Rachel O Beauty along with their sponsors Cream of Nature & ORS Curls Unleashed took swag bags to another level.



Creme Of Nature was VERY generous with their portion of the swag bag. This is pretty much their WHOLE line from the new Argan Oil collection. Which I have heard nothing but great things about.


I should be pretty much set for wash day right? 
Included in the swag bag was a full set of products that will work great together...whenever I get around to washing my hair that is. For those of you who are avid followers of me you know that I only wash Fifi (my hair) about once or twice a month depending on how much product I use.

I'm not to big on co-washing either but I'm willing to possibly give it a try. I know for sure the Mosturizing Milk Masque will get some use, you all have heard me rave about that on my Instagram. The Argan Buttermilk leave in also interest me and I'm sure ill be sing the Oil Treatment to keep my hair soft silky and hydrated =)



Creme Of Nature served up three different styling products in the swag bag in addition to the wash day products. One may ask..."well why do I need all those stylers" but each of these lovely little products all have a different use and we must not forget that different hair types respond differently to different products. Although I'm sure all of these products are amazing...each won't be for everybody.

Twirling Custard has a gel like consistency and feel said to give long lasting crunch less curls with exotic shine. It seems like this product would be great for looser curl patters and wavy hair, not sure how it will do on rebellious 4C Kinks but I may give it a shot lol.

Pudding Perfection is a thicker and heavier product, it really does look like pudding and made me reaaaaaaaaaally want some banana pudding lol. It is a curl enhancing creme formulated to tackle frizz and dryness. This would be suitable for girls or guys with thicker hair that needs a little more power in their product to get their curls the way they like em.

Butter-Licious Curls is the product I'm mist excited to try out =) I'm not exactly sure if I like "butter" products more or if FiFi does. This is a light weight moisturizing product that works to soften hydrate and increase manageability. So you KNOW I'm about to be all over this! I can't wait to try it!

All of the products boast no frizz, dryness or shrinkage...the latter I find hard to believe but we shall see. If your product says no shrinkage my hair is the perfect type to test it on cuz all it ever wants to do is shrink!!


Last but not least everyone who attended the Ultimate Brown Beauty Retreat got to pick out a hair color from the Creme of Nature line. 

Personally I have not colored my hair since like wayyyyy back in the back back days (high school/college) but I have been toying with the idea of adding a lil something something for summer =) I picked up the honey blond color because I felt like it would work best with my skin tone, if I do color my hair ill be doing a base color to lighten my natural hair color and then put this over top as highlights =) keep your eyes glued to my Instagram @theprettygirlsguide you may see some changes coming soon!


I was also happy to see products from ORS Curls Unleashed as you all know I worked with them in Atlanta last month for the World Natural Hair Show. 

They contributed a bottle of their Green Tea & Mango Shine & Define Mousse which I want to try and use on my second attempt at flexi rods. I was supposed to have a tutorial on how I did my last set however I actually didnt like they way they came out and want to try again so keep a look out for that.

They also gave sample sizes of their Leave-In Conditioner and Curl Boosting Jelly which naturals love.

Last but not least there was a Sophisticates Black Hair magazine in the swag bag. Now personally I don't buy a lot of magazines, I more so flip thought them in the check out lanes and take pictures of things I want to look at later (ratchet and guilty) however Im glad this was in the bag because I was actually looking to find new hairstyles that I can try out and do tutorials on for you guys so hopefully this comes in handy =)

Thats it guys! A full look into the secret life of blogger swag bags =) anyone tempted to become a blogger or purchase that VIP ticket for the next event so you can collect on all the goodies too!?!?

Let me know what product you would most want to try from this swag bag in the comments below and ill see if I can make that happen for ya *wink*

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna


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