We broke up: 6 Valuable Lessons I learned From "Losing Love"

Yup...thats right, we broke up.

I mean you could have guessed it, all the normal breakup signs were there.

There have been no Bae updates, he's not on my Snapchat anymore, I haven't posted him on The Gram and he damn sure hasn't been on the blog. Hell I haven't even been on the blog and its partially due to the breakup.

To be very honest...I took it all pretty hard, I'm the type who puts everything into a relationship. I can become so clouded by the whole thing that if things go left...when I'm sitting here thinking things are going right (literally I didn't even see it coming) it hits me like a Mac truck...and I'm not talking about one that holds Makeup or Laptops which would have been so much better -___-

However after one very "honest" phone call and a come to Jesus moment with my bestie my devastated outlook on the ending of our relationship has been flipped and I'm in a much better place.

For once...I feel like I'm able to see the lesson's to be learned from our
 ending and how it all leads to a new beginning.


And that what I'm here to share with you...the 6 lessons I learned from losing love.

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