My Daily Skin Care Routine & The 6 Products You Need To Get Glowing Skin

I know for many people, summer can do a number on your skin. From sunburn peeling to skin irritation and pimples due to sweat and dirt build up. It can be hard to keep that beautiful face of yours silky smooth and glowing.

Now with the seasons about to change (whenever the weather decides to lean in my favor lol) your skin is about to be thrown for another loop.

With all the changes I figured I'd share my skin care routine with you to help get your skin back in gear from all that summer has done and prep it for fall to avoid any other...lack luster reactions.

After the jump you'll find my 6 go to products that I think every woman should have in her skin care arsenal along with a bonus tip on how to really boost you skins heath so you'll be glowing right into fall!


Pretty Girl Styles: Train Tracks & Floppy Hats

The second I purchased those fringe booties I knew summer 16 was over for me and although it may still be teetering on 90 degrees outside for most of us are thinking...


No pumpkin spice lattes for me yet but sweaters, hats, boots...yes please.


Battling Anxiety And How To Over Come Panic Attacks

10 years ago almost down to the day I was robbed at gun point with a group of friends after my homecoming concert in my freshman year of college (hell of a way to start a post I know).

The robbers made away with cell phones, purses, money, car keys etc but luckily we were unharmed physically. 

We didn't tell many people about it and I personally tried to brush the traumatic event under the rug and go about my daily life not knowing how badly I had been effected by the whole incident. 

To this day I can still remember the whole scenario so vividly as if it happened last night, I remember what I was wearing, how the gun was pointed directly at my abdomen, being frisked to make sure I wasn't hiding anything and even what the men said to us.

I thought I was going to be able to move past it all, but that one event was the catalyst that sparked my 10 year battle with Panic and Anxiety Disorder, PTSD and my struggle to find ways to overcome both without medicine.

Pretty Girl Styles: How To Wear A Maxi Dress A Work

In no specific order my top 4 fears are gorillas, spiders, thunderstorms

But about a week ago thanks to some pretty cool interns that I've grown to love this summer, I bit the bullet and faced my fear of boats by taking a ride on The Spirt Of Baltimore.

Note: The smile above was forced...I was shaking like a leaf.

7 Things You Should Be Doing To Beat The Heat

Even though its almost time to head back to school or face the reality that your PTO and time at the beach may be winding down.

 The heat of Summer heat has shown no signs of letting up and although I may be dreaming about pumpkins, football and Chai (Oh My!). This 90 plus degree weather is forcing me to actively think about effective ways not to melt during the day.

So after racking my brain and doing research on things that work IN REAL LIFE to cool you down I've put together this list to share with you all.

Here's to hoping these quick tips work for you and worst comes to worst your matte finishing spray is BOMB AF!

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