Sex, Dating & Body Counts: Why My Number Doesn't Matter To Me Anymore

Somewhere along the line when I was dating I came up with this idea that I would be married before I had sex with a certain number of men. I didn't exactly know where that thought came from or why I had come to this conclusion that my number of sexual partners was so important but it was.

As I dated more,  every time the conversation of being intimate with my partner came up I had a mini panic attack. I would frantically begin the count in my head, recapping everyone I had had sex with. Making sure I was still far enough away from "my number" just in case he wasn't "the one".

You know....ensuring that I still had enough wiggle room.


It's Lit: 11 Festivals and Events You Need To Be At This Summer

Although Mother Nature continues to play games with the weather as well as our emotions, that isn't keeping me from dreaming of the making this summer the ultimate turn up.

I've handpicked 11 festivals and events that YOU need to be a this summer...come hell or high water.

Check out the list after the Jump.

He's No The One: Five Signs You're In A Situationship

Love...we are all looking for it.

While some of us won't give up the relentless pursuit of never ending happiness, other who think they have found that happiness are actually...just settling.

I know it can be hard to wait until true love decides to plop its self on you door step buuuuuuuut that doesn't mean that building a "Situationship" with some random dude isn't the answer Sway!

Because at the end of the day you aint gonna be happy settling with Mr.Right now and poooor little Mr.Right now is just going to wind up hurt. do you know if you really love him or if your in a Situationship? Put on your big girl panties and check the 5 sure signs that this...ain't the real thing below.
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