OOTD: Girl Boss All About The Nude's

Monday, June 15, 2015

Im in love with dresses this summer!

I have never particularly been a dress girl, when I was younger I actually hated dresses with a passion. It was like pulling teeth to even get me to look at one, but recently I have found the beauty in them. 

They make me feel beautiful, womanly and believe it or not...like a MF'in boss!

There is some sort of power in the perfect dress, without any effort they demand attention from everyone around you. I have gotten more compliments in the past few weeks when I have worn dresses than I have gotten wearing any other outfit lately.

Aside from the ego boosting compliments, dresses are just so darn easy! Slip them on, slide on your shoes and an accessory or two and go. 

With zero thought involved, you look clean and polished. So for my ladies who find it a struggle to put together the perfect outfit...try a dress!

And with it being so flipping hot lately, dresses are defiantly the move.
 This past weekend I wore this little number to the Mile High Club's DMV Day Party at the Red Rocks in NE DC.

Seeing as how its been SOOOOO hot and knowing this was a rooftop party that would probably be lit, I decided to go with the most flowy and lightly colored dress I could find!

Which was this little number from *gasp* Forever 21


Dress: // Forever 21 // Deal of the week $12.90 // Similar Here, Here, Here, Here
I could not find the dress online I suggest searching In store =)
Shoes: // DSW // Liliana Heels // Similar Here, Here, Here
Earrings: // Forever 21 // $4.90 // Similar Here, Here, Here
Necklace: // Macys // Clearance $7.00 // Similar Here, Here, Here
Sunglasses: // Urban Outfitters// &16.00 // Get them Here, Cheaper Here, Here
Clutch: // DSW // Sale 29.95 // Get it here

I absolutely love this look! Its so flirty and fun while still making you look like a boss!

What do you guys think? Are you loving it? Are you rocking dresses this summer? Let me know in the comments!

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna