Love Is Love: Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling In Perspective

Friday, June 26, 2015

Every child for as far back as time goes has been told that they could do anything they put their mind to. That the world could be theirs if only they decided to take it, to believe in hope, love, and happy endings.

But for so many, for so long those words have not always been true.

Our country for years has silenced, shot down and disregard the dreams of so many "minorities". But as time pressed forward a changing country lead by leaders with open hearts and minds worked to make right our wrongs for all those who have long suffered and fought to be equal.

Today our country has once again made good on past wrongs and restored my faith in humanity. 

In a supreme court ruling 5-4 same-sex marriage has been made a legal right in all 50 states!!! 

And you have these guys to thank *shocked face* who knew LOL don't judge a book by its cover right??

 Im sure the celebrations all across the country this weekend brining a wave of love and unity between the gay community and their supporters. 

And that there is no doubt I be getting text from my gay friends and family asking me to join them in the TURN UP!

But there are still so many people that hate that this has me I have already gotten the backlash in comments, unfollows and emails from a simple post celebrating it on instagram.

I hate that there has to be so much hostility and ill feelings around the thought of love.

And trust me I get it, the separation of church and state, the holy union between a man and a woman....and ONLY a man and a woman. I get the political and religious aspects of the issue but at the end of the day this is about HUMAN RIGHTS.

And since when has who someone else chooses to get married to taken money out of your pockets? Taken food off of your table? Or physically harmed your or anyone else? Because Steven and John decided to get married at the beach and spend the rest of their lives together you lost your house? Because Tanya and Jennifer got to have their fairytale dream wedding at Disneyland, you died?


Lets be real people this is doing nothing to hurt you. I mean come on 50% of marriages fail and less people are choosing to get married now a days anyway so its not as if the sanctity of marriage would be ruined by Steven and John's little beach wedding...we did that on our own! Lets give them a chance to get divorced too!!

Lol no I'm kidding...kind of..

My point is...this subject in my opinion isn't one to get your feathers so ruffled over. Most same sex couples just want the right to be legally recognized as their partners husband or wife, to have rights to their children if one of them passes or to have rights to...well...anything! CAN AN MF GET BENEFITS MY DUDE?! LOL.  It never has and never will be about ruining your ideals of a perfect marriage or a holy union.

Just like a woman's want to have rights to her own body was never about feminism or taking over the was about the right to choose...and live your life the way you see fit.

Because at the end of the day the message is and always has been Equality.

See..the prez gets it. Lol, so much turn up under the Obama administration

So because love & happy endings shouldn't be an exclusive right CONGRATULATIONS same sex couples! Heres to choosing love over hate & to all of my friends and family and those I don't know...enjoy your weddings, your love and your life and try not to get it wrong like most of us who didn't have to fight for this right <3

DISCLAIMER: You do not have to agree with my views but please be respectful. As a woman of color the person I was born as at one point & time had the least amount of rights and freedom in this country over who I could love, my body, my mind, my job etc.  and it worked to give me a chance at equality. So I support giving others equality and choice to live their lives as they were born to live it also. 

Choose Love the judgement is not yours it is their life to live.

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna


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