Operation Savings 101: How to save your money successfully

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Well GEEZ!

Its been a while right lol?
First and foremost.....

 For all of my loyal readers i'm super sorry I took such a long break from blogging, but it was the holidays and I did just move in November so I needed some time to myself and time to get things straightened out.

....Flash forward a month later since my break from blogging and things are still crazy but I had to get back to business!

I decided my first post should be on something that I feel would help everyone in the new year and something i'm trying to work on myself which is finances.

No matter who you are or where you are or how old you are there is one thing that remains constant...and that's that you could always use more money LOL. It sounds terrible right? But its so true. For whatever reason people are always looking to save or make more money so they can be "happier" or "stable".

I myself am not a big believer that money makes you happy, however I do completely understand that having more of it does help things along. Now, by no means am I well off. I do "ok" for myself being a single woman (meaning I can pay my bills and still have money to eat and go out) I have a little bit of money saved for emergencies and always have money (even if its not as much as I want) in my account. To keep it short i'm blessed.

A majority of the reason i'm able to have spare cash and have been able to save what I have is due to couponing and what I like to call shopping smart this past year. Ill be getting in depth on both of those topics in coming post over the next few weeks. But for those of you that would like to jump start your knowledge on couponing check out my previous post HERE, HERE and HERE.  

This post today is specifically about a savings plan I am doing this year in order to embrace the idea of "paying yourself" before you pay anyone else, cut back on reckless spending and save up for a big trip that I would love to take in 2016.

Below is the savings plan chart that I plan on following for the next 52 weeks of 2015.
Aside from just saving this is also part of a bigger goal I have for myself this year centered around personal growth, gaining patience, discipline and becoming a.....*shudders* adult.

This plan is pretty self explanatory, at the end of each week you put in the amount of money that represents that week on the calendar.

On week one (this week) put one dollar into your savings, on week two (next week) put two dollars into your savings and so on and so fourth.

By the end of the whole plan you would have saved close to 1,400 dollars!!! Easily you can double your savings by doubling how much money you put in each week. If this is something you can feasibly do I suggest doing it. The pay off is SO worth it!

What I love so much about this savings plan is that its so easy and at the beginning half of they year you can hardly even tell that your doing it. I mean most of the amounts that you are putting into your account is less than what you spend on coffee in a week or on lunch. Personally I know every time I go to Panera Bread I spend close to 12.00 on a soup and sandwich and a drink. If I skipped Panera once a week for a year alone I would save 624.00!!!

Crazy right?! Little changes in your every day life makes way for HUGE savings in the long run. 

For those of you who are up for it I challenge you to give this 52 week savings plan a try. I personally already transferred the first dollar of the year into my savings account =)

And if you want to go above and beyond just this savings plan try giving up your starbucks one day a week (like I should do for Panera) that money that you would normally spend on a venti mocha choca cocoa something or other lol put it into a jar on your desk and at the end of a month or six months or at the end of the year see how much you saved and go buy yourself something nice =)

See how these little changes and easy to do plans can change your financial situation. I will be here all year to keep you motivated and give you other little tips and tricks on how to save money, how to shop smarter and how to coupon.

As I grow and get better I want to help those around me do the same!

If your joining in on the challenge let me know on instagram @theprettygirlsguide , post the savings plan chart and tag me in the picture and use the hashtags #prettygirlsguide #prettygirlssave or if you have your own savings plan you think I should know about tag me in that too! I would love to see!

Until next time, 
Happy saving!
XO Deanna

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