How I Almost Lost My Relationship at 8 Months Pregnant & The Lessons I Learned

Imagine your 8 month pregnant self waddling back and fourth to pack a bag...but its not your hospital bag.

Its your "I'm leaving bag" that was my reality about a week ago. Feeling lost, alone and at the end of my rope I was packing a bag to walk out of the home my boyfriend and I were creating for us and our soon to be child.

I'm sure just like're asking, "what the hell Deanna?! How did you two get here"?

Well...heres the story


Make It Monday: 30 Minute Meal Lasagna Roll Ups

I love putting spins on classic meals especially when those little spins make meals more convent when it comes to preparing, serving and eating.

So whats my favorite classic dish to spin?


I've always loved lasagna but never liked the ordeal of making it. I hated the meticulous layering of the pan and the need to get things perfect so it stacked and cut right.

I guess the real issue is that I'm lazy LOL!

But LAZY folks unite! 

If you're like me and can't be bothered with the perfection of it all check out my recipe below for lasagna roll ups.

You'll thank me when its time to pack your left over lunch, when you need a mini serving for the kiddo's and even when you want to impress folks for dinner (its something about a roll up that just looks fancy)

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