40+ Black Owned Business You Need To Shop This Weekend

While most people are slaving over hot stoves to produce Academy Award winning Thanksgiving productions, Shop-A-Holics like me are making lists and checking them twice in preparation for the biggest shopping day (or days) of the year.

We are in full panic mode people!!
 Count down to Black Friday is upon us and true to this shoppers know that scarfing down pounds and pounds of turkey is the quickest way to be tapped out when its time to run for those deals. So while your getting stufffffed I'm getting prepped. Well thats how I used to be, this year I'm taking it easy and thinking more about "us".

In light of recent events and movements like Black Lives Matter...i've become more aware of just how important it is to stand together as a community and a culture. So before you lace up those Nikes for go time, take a second to check out these Black Friday deals from AMAZING black owned businesses and invest some black dollars back into the community!

 Support black owned business that will surely support you...before some of those other companies.

Below you will find: Links, Deals, Codes, Instagams and more to some great black owned businesses!
 Happy Shopping...and don't forget to fix me a plate!
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