7 Products + Secrets That Will Keep Your Skin Clear All Fall

What's everyones favorite thing to post on Instagram?


Call it narcissistic if you want but Instagram is selfie central and one thing's for sure, you cant have a poppin ass selfie if your skin ain't on point (trust me...I know).

You all love to compliment me on how clear my skin is in my selfies and me spilling the beans on how I keep my skin so clear is one of my most requested blog post/video. 

So...after much delay YALL GETTIN THIS WORK TODAY.

 I'm letting yall in on my skin care routine complete with 7 skin care secrets and products to keep your skin poppin and keep you from having to pop them zits.


10 Things That Will Change In Your Late 20's

So its finally happening...i'm accepting the fact that my 20's are almost *gasp* over!!

Like i'm not even talking about getting close to the end of my 20's guys. I'm talking full fledged THIS IS IT. In 9 months i'll be 30, this is not a drill folks the clock is ticking!!

*Sigh* and as with all things, as they come to an end you start to reminisce. For most of my reminiscing wasn't just about how much my life changed in my late 20's, but how much i've changed as a person as well. 

I mean all of a sudden, as if over night my priorities shifted, friends vanished, dislikes became likes. At times things were changing so quickly and drastically that I felt like my world was falling apart...sometimes it was even scary.

So in the spirit of sharing, reminiscing and making sure anyone going through their late 20's struggles doesn't feel like they are completely alone. I figured i'd share some of the most common shifts you go through in your late 20's. I threw some comedy on it too, cuz what's struggle without a little laughter right?


Make It Monday: Fall's Best Southern Fried Apple Recipe

When I was little my great grandmother used to watch me when my mom went to work. One of the things that I remember most about going to her house is how amazing it would smell when I woke up on the morning.

The kitchen would be filled with the smell of warm fried apples. Years later I still have that scent memory engrained in my mind.

Although she never got to teach me how to make them, my mom did and with the fall season knocking on our doors I thought this family tradition of mine would be the perfect recipe to share with you all.

Hopefully you'll try it out and get to enjoy this sweet treat with your family and friends this season.

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