Make It Monday: The Best 20 Minute Rice Bowl Recipe

Recently I have been LOVING noodle bowls!

Ive been loving them SO much that I purchased 3 this past week from the new opened Honeygrow that opened in my town. 

Now while Honeygrow's noodle bowls are bomb...three bowls in a week is NOT bomb for my pockets. So in true Pretty Girl fashion and wanting to save a coin or two, I decided to try making my own bowl at home. 

Grab this super delicious and easy to make recipe below.


Couponing 101: How I Decorated My Bathroom For Under $100 & Other Target Clearance 3/5/2017

It's everyone's favorite time of the month...

Das right! Target Clearance Time!

I am going to commit myself to bringing you guys a list of new Target clearance items every month. Each month the list will help you furnish a different room in your home or apartment or help you stock up on some much needed essentials for the low low.

This months focus is the bathroom! I've also thrown in some other helpful and dope Target home clearance.
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