The 6 MAC Liptensity Shades You'll Be Dying To Rock This Fall (Full Review & Swatches)

If there is one thing that I absolutely love rocking during the fall and winter seasons...


I feel like its the perfect way to add a pop to your face when people are least expecting it. While everyone else is focused on finding the perfect boots, i'm focused on the perfect lipstick. 

But this fall I won't have any worries because MAC has changed the game up with their new Liptensity collection launching tomorrow September 20th.

Pretty Girl Curls: How To Style A Tapered Cut On 4C Hair

So if you have been following me on Instagram, it comes as no surprise to you that all the long locks of mine are gone gone gone...and guess what?

I couldn't be happier!

The most popular question I have gotten lately other than "what made you cut it" is "omg how do you how do you style your hair, your curls are so defined"


The Hunt: Target Nate Berkus Home Decor Clearance & Shopping Tips

I have to admit its been forever since i've spent more than a few minuets in Target picking up the essentials. 

Lately I've been on the go so much that my usual clearance shopping and couponing have pretty much gone out the window, but yesterday as I strolled down the aisle to get water a beautiful red clearance sticker caught my eye.

It was a Nate Berkus vase (JACKPOT) and we all know that one red sticker leads to another. The next thing I knew I had a cart full of home decor clearance and just like that, I was back on the clearance hunting bandwagon!

Pretty Girl Styles: Thigh High Boots and Pomegranate Lemonade Two Of My Favorite Things

Have you ever heard the saying that the right pair of shoes can change a girls life?

Well I'm pretty sure these boots have taken me to a new level.

Clearly channeling my inner Rihanna.


Sudio Headphones Review: The Answer To The iPhone 7's No Headphone Jack

Ya'll may not know this but...I...LOVE...MUSIC!

Give me some ol school (I can't believe I'm old enough to say that) Kanye, a little James Blake,  Beyonce, throw in some Drake, a few cuts from *insert any ratchet rappers name here* for the turn up and maybe even some Nora Jones then i'm set.

Unless it's a particularly hard day then I'm going to need you to turn on The Read's podcast and stay out of my way.

My point is, being able to have limitless access to quality audio at all times is important to me.

Which is why when Sudio Sweden asked me to try out their wireless headphones I was more than happy to give them a whirl, especially with my upcoming 10 hour flight, yeah ill be needing those. 


Pretty Girl Travels: 6 Tips On How To Travel Abroad For Cheap!

In exactly 15 days (depending on when your reading this) ill be thousands of miles in the air on my way to Paris, France for a week long vacation with Bae!!

I have soooooo many emotions about the upcoming trip.

Im nervous about the long flight, wondering if am I crazy for going out of the country with Bae this soon (that will be another blog post) and most of all I'm amazed that I can even afford this trip.

  Like seriously, round trip airfare alone can cost you up to 2 stacks. Especially if your talking about Paris and having that kind of disposable income has never been in the cards for me, so traveling abroad was out of the question...

But thats all in the past for me and hopefully for you too thanks to this post and some good tips that I want to share to help everyone travel the world on almost any budget!


Pretty Girl Styles: Distressed and Delicate

With the addition of my new hair I've started feeling a little more funky and daring with my style choices and its had me wanting to mix things up a bit.

So when I got invited to Sunday brunch, instead of reaching for the typical girly dress or fashion forward trousers...I decided to pair a few opposites together and see what happened.

End result? I was either going to show up looking like an under dressed bum or the most stylish person in the room...

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