How To Get Purex For Only .99 Cents! 1/28-2/6

You all seem to love when I pull a good coupon deal out of my hat and this deal right here...will probably have you praising the heavens.

Especially if your a mom with ALOT of laundry to do!

We all know that buying any household goods especially toilet paper and laundry detergent can be a pain in your butt and definitely a pain in your pocket but this week (while you still have a chance) and all next week (if you have a Shop Rite in your area) I'm going to show you how to get Purex laundry detergent for as low as .99 cents a bottle.

And we ain't talking trial size bih!

Barbies New Shape: Out With The Old In With The Real

 Finally a real representation of women in all of our beautiful colors, shapes and sizes have burst onto the scene in a BIG way.
57 years in the making but they are finally on to something!

Why You Should Never Throw Away Those Unused Natural Hair Products

Why? WHY?!?!?!

 Because you never know when that hair product in the bottom of your hair box might be the diamond in the rough that you never knew you had!
That very thing happed to me this weekend with a product from a brand that keep reading.
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