6 Reasons Why Airbnb Is The Best Way To Travel In Your 20's

It's no secret that us 20 somethings love to travel. Every time you turn around a friend on your Facebook timeline or your Instagram feed is posting some picturesque photo from their recent cross country adventure or an overly exotic picture with them next to a tiger.

If your anything like me you can't help but wonder 1. how they didn't get malled by the tiger and 2. how they hell they were able to afford all these trips because YOU KNOW they're broke...you've seen the receipts lol

So you're no longer confused and jealous I would like to introduce you to the magical world of Airbnb!

Soon to be the ONLY way you travel (trust me)

Its A Celebration: South Moon Under 10 Year Anniversary Party

Cupcakes, Cocktails & Chic were all present at the South Moon Under 10 year anniversary celebration at their Harbor East location in Baltimore Maryland last Thursday evening.


How I get bomb lashes + The Super Sizer Mascara Cover Review & Giveaway

I LOVE my eyes! They're HUGE, green and bright, so any chance I get I try to accentuate them I do.

I used to love to make my eyes pop do with eyeshadow but ever since I got my hands on The Super Sizer lashblast mascara by Cover Girl I've chucked the eyeshadow pallets because this stuff is AMAZING!

The Super Sizer is perfect for every girl who wants their eyes and lashes to be the star of the show. I've gotten more consistent complements on my eyes & lashes in the past few weeks that Ive been using The Super Sizer than I ever have.

Below you'll get my full review of The Super Sizer and some quick tips on how to maximize its power and use it to your advantage to create big beautiful lashes.


7 Beauty Essentials For Weekend Getaways

Whenever its time to take a trip you can expect me to be the one to over pack. 

Clothes, shoes, books (yes books) and especially...always...I over pack make up. I literally dump damn near my whole makeup box into a zip lock bag when packing. Then even when I think I'm done, I'm always second guessing myself like.."Oh wait what about that lipstick we may go to dinner I need to bring this"

By the end of my packing I have every makeup item I own in my bag.

But with my trip this past weekend and knowing that I would have limited space and be going mostly to the beach, I was I finally bucked down and streamlined my makeup packing. I got my list down to 7 Makeup Essentials that you absolutely need and I'm going to share it with you!
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