Love Is Love: Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling In Perspective

Every child for as far back as time goes has been told that they could do anything they put their mind to. That the world could be theirs if only they decided to take it, to believe in hope, love, and happy endings.

But for so many, for so long those words have not always been true.

Summer Time Dry Skin Problem Solver: Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa


And I have a the secret on how you can get some FAB smooth hydrated skin this summer too!

OOTD: Girl Boss All About The Nude's

Im in love with dresses this summer!

I have never particularly been a dress girl, when I was younger I actually hated dresses with a passion. It was like pulling teeth to even get me to look at one, but recently I have found the beauty in them. 

They make me feel beautiful, womanly and believe it or a MF'in boss!

Get in the groove: Learn how going natural changed my life & win a trip to Essence fest

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If you would have told me 5 years ago that my decision to go natural and cut off all my hair would be a choice that would change my life forever...I probably would have agreed with you. 

But not for the reasons that were racing through my head as I picked up the scissors.

While looking in the mirror as my shoulder length hair fell to the floor in clumps, I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion. The main emotion? Fear, fear of rejection, of no longer being beautiful, of not being able to get a job or a man for that matter aaaaand the underlying fear that my head was actually as big as I thought it was lol.

Inside a Blogger Swag Bag: Cream Of Nature & ORS


Have you ever wondered what was inside those fancy swag bags that Bloggers and VIP's at natural hair events get. 

Have you ever had the urge to just walk by that VIP girls seat and "mistakenly drop your phone" next to her bag just so you could have an excuse to look in?

No? That was just me before I became a blogger *side eye* FINE! Lol

Even though I KNOW y'all are lying about sneaking to look in peoples bags...worry no more. I'm going to give you and exclusive peek inside my blogger swag bag from the Ultimate Brown Beauty Retreat!
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