Hey loves!

About a week ago *dances* week ago lol. I posted a picture to my Instagram page @theprettygirlsguide of me doing a length check and stretching my hair. As always when I do this, I got tons of questions about my hair.

One of the major questions this time around was how I stretch my natural hair to get the length that I do without using heat because as most of you know I have been heat free since I went natural this time around.

In order to help other naturals get the most out of their length without worrying about damaging their tresses with heat. I decided to make a video about how I go about stretching my natural hair and 4 other ways that you can use to achieve length without heat.

As always if you have any questions feel free to ask. I hope you all enjoy!

Until next time,
XO Deanna


Operation Savings 101: How to save your money successfully

Well GEEZ!

Its been a while right lol?
First and foremost.....

 For all of my loyal readers i'm super sorry I took such a long break from blogging, but it was the holidays and I did just move in November so I needed some time to myself and time to get things straightened out.

....Flash forward a month later since my break from blogging and things are still crazy but I had to get back to business!

I decided my first post should be on something that I feel would help everyone in the new year and something i'm trying to work on myself which is finances.

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