40+ Black Owned Business You Need To Shop This Weekend

While most people are slaving over hot stoves to produce Academy Award winning Thanksgiving productions, Shop-A-Holics like me are making lists and checking them twice in preparation for the biggest shopping day (or days) of the year.

We are in full panic mode people!!
 Count down to Black Friday is upon us and true to this shoppers know that scarfing down pounds and pounds of turkey is the quickest way to be tapped out when its time to run for those deals. So while your getting stufffffed I'm getting prepped. Well thats how I used to be, this year I'm taking it easy and thinking more about "us".

In light of recent events and movements like Black Lives Matter...i've become more aware of just how important it is to stand together as a community and a culture. So before you lace up those Nikes for go time, take a second to check out these Black Friday deals from AMAZING black owned businesses and invest some black dollars back into the community!

 Support black owned business that will surely support you...before some of those other companies.

Below you will find: Links, Deals, Codes, Instagams and more to some great black owned businesses!
 Happy Shopping...and don't forget to fix me a plate!

Chic & Pet Friendly Suites At The Embassy Row Hotel

If it was up to me, every bedroom I ever sleep in from this point on in life would look exactly like this.

It's absolutely perfect.


6 Reasons Why Airbnb Is The Best Way To Travel In Your 20's

It's no secret that us 20 somethings love to travel. Every time you turn around a friend on your Facebook timeline or your Instagram feed is posting some picturesque photo from their recent cross country adventure or an overly exotic picture with them next to a tiger.

If your anything like me you can't help but wonder 1. how they didn't get malled by the tiger and 2. how they hell they were able to afford all these trips because YOU KNOW they're broke...you've seen the receipts lol

So you're no longer confused and jealous I would like to introduce you to the magical world of Airbnb!

Soon to be the ONLY way you travel (trust me)

Its A Celebration: South Moon Under 10 Year Anniversary Party

Cupcakes, Cocktails & Chic were all present at the South Moon Under 10 year anniversary celebration at their Harbor East location in Baltimore Maryland last Thursday evening.


How I get bomb lashes + The Super Sizer Mascara Cover Review & Giveaway

I LOVE my eyes! They're HUGE, green and bright, so any chance I get I try to accentuate them I do.

I used to love to make my eyes pop do with eyeshadow but ever since I got my hands on The Super Sizer lashblast mascara by Cover Girl I've chucked the eyeshadow pallets because this stuff is AMAZING!

The Super Sizer is perfect for every girl who wants their eyes and lashes to be the star of the show. I've gotten more consistent complements on my eyes & lashes in the past few weeks that Ive been using The Super Sizer than I ever have.

Below you'll get my full review of The Super Sizer and some quick tips on how to maximize its power and use it to your advantage to create big beautiful lashes.


7 Beauty Essentials For Weekend Getaways

Whenever its time to take a trip you can expect me to be the one to over pack. 

Clothes, shoes, books (yes books) and especially...always...I over pack make up. I literally dump damn near my whole makeup box into a zip lock bag when packing. Then even when I think I'm done, I'm always second guessing myself like.."Oh wait what about that lipstick we may go to dinner I need to bring this"

By the end of my packing I have every makeup item I own in my bag.

But with my trip this past weekend and knowing that I would have limited space and be going mostly to the beach, I was I finally bucked down and streamlined my makeup packing. I got my list down to 7 Makeup Essentials that you absolutely need and I'm going to share it with you!

The Pretty Girls Guide To Baltimore: Blogalicious Weekend Edition

Hey y'all!

Whenever someone mentions Baltimore three things come to mind: O's, Boh's and Crabcakes! Granted those might be our three claims to fame (oh and those Ravens too lol) there are so many other AMAZING things to do and see while in Baltimore.

Since you lovely people will be visiting Baltimore for three whole days during Blogalicious weekend, that means there's plenty of time for you to see a little bit more of what my city has to offer.

Oh and if you're not sure what Blogalicious is or if you haven't registered yet...WHAT ARE YOU WATING FOR?! Be sure to check out all the deets HERE and sign up ASAP!


5 Things I Wish I Would Have Known About College: Freshman Edition

August is officially in full swing!

For most of you that means its time to hit the books once again and for a select few of you it means you have either already or are about to embark on one of the most exciting, scary and unique phase in your life.


Getting Color Crazy: OOTD Featuring Target & Aldo

Color isn't always my favorite thing to wear, but when i do wear it I go all out!

Love Me or Leave Me Alone: Deciding I Was Worth More Than A "Maybe"

Happy Sunday Loves

Todays Sunday Session is on love & worth. 
Often times because we want love so much we are willing to accept it in its most limited form. Its like when you're super hungry, just a bite of something can hold you over and reduce your cravings...but by no means are you full or satisfied. 

You have merely curbed your appetite until your stomach realizes it has not been adequately nourished.

How To Get Healthy Hair & Super Soft Curls With Beautiful Textures

There is nothing a natural girl wants more than super soft, healthy curls that bound and move!

But sometimes finding a product that will give your hair that feeling is a lot harder than it should be, luckily if you're one of those curly girls on the hunt for that perfect product look no further because I've got the answer to all your wishes!

Whats the answer you ask?

No Grey Area: OOTD Featuring Silence & Noise + Aldo

"There can be no grey area when it comes to feeling confident" 
-Deanna of The Pretty Girls Guide


Why It sucks to be 26 and single

On friday I turned 27, TWENTY.....SEVEN. A whole 27

And I think I'm still struggling to deal with the idea that I'm actually an adult...and the fact that I've been single for a whole damn year *insert side eye*

Thats right SINGLE FOR A YEAR...which to most may not seem like a big deal but when you get into adulthood and you're too old to be irresponsible and thoting around, but too young to feel like you need to have a husband and a kid hanging from your boob.

Being 26 and single for a year SUCKS.

 and I'm here to tell you why.




Love Is Love: Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling In Perspective

Every child for as far back as time goes has been told that they could do anything they put their mind to. That the world could be theirs if only they decided to take it, to believe in hope, love, and happy endings.

But for so many, for so long those words have not always been true.

Summer Time Dry Skin Problem Solver: Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa


And I have a the secret on how you can get some FAB smooth hydrated skin this summer too!

OOTD: Girl Boss All About The Nude's

Im in love with dresses this summer!

I have never particularly been a dress girl, when I was younger I actually hated dresses with a passion. It was like pulling teeth to even get me to look at one, but recently I have found the beauty in them. 

They make me feel beautiful, womanly and believe it or not...like a MF'in boss!

Get in the groove: Learn how going natural changed my life & win a trip to Essence fest

Get In The Groove with State Farm® and Win a Trip to the 2015 ESSENCE Festival® + Gift Card Giveaway #StateFarmGroove #ad

Disclosure: The following promotional giveaway and content has been sponsored by State Farm®.

If you would have told me 5 years ago that my decision to go natural and cut off all my hair would be a choice that would change my life forever...I probably would have agreed with you. 

But not for the reasons that were racing through my head as I picked up the scissors.

While looking in the mirror as my shoulder length hair fell to the floor in clumps, I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion. The main emotion? Fear, fear of rejection, of no longer being beautiful, of not being able to get a job or a man for that matter aaaaand the underlying fear that my head was actually as big as I thought it was lol.

Inside a Blogger Swag Bag: Cream Of Nature & ORS


Have you ever wondered what was inside those fancy swag bags that Bloggers and VIP's at natural hair events get. 

Have you ever had the urge to just walk by that VIP girls seat and "mistakenly drop your phone" next to her bag just so you could have an excuse to look in?

No? That was just me before I became a blogger *side eye* FINE! Lol

Even though I KNOW y'all are lying about sneaking to look in peoples bags...worry no more. I'm going to give you and exclusive peek inside my blogger swag bag from the Ultimate Brown Beauty Retreat!

Make It Monday: Summer Yum Pineapple Shrimp Boat Recipe

I love shrimp

Like a lot lol and I'm always trying to figure out new ways to cook it for myself and others, so when I came across this yummy looking recipe that was also SUPER cute I decided to give it a try.

This Pineapple shrimp boat is a cute idea for small tropical themed parties, summer time cook outs or even just to spice up dinner with bad or the kids. Its easy to make and taste amazing!

Want to find out how to make it yourself? 
Keep Reading!



Eat Pray Love

I really loved that movie...

I first picked it up because I ADORE Julia Roberts #Favefemaleactress but then once I actually got to watching it I realized how eye opening and essential it is for anyone who is feeling "stuck".

Those three little things can make the difference between losing your mind and finding your peace...dont believe me? Keep reading.

The Hat Trick

It looks like I'm asking "but where did all her hair go" in this pic LOL!

I have to admit that hats were a trend that once I went natural I just never thought would be for me, aside from already thinking I looked silly in them. Now having to fight with my hair to even get one on my head sealed the deal for a no go.

But a few weeks back I saw some beauties while I was shopping at the mall on sale and thought..."well if they won't fit on my head they'll at least look good hanging on my wall" (a trait I picked up from my grandfather)


4C Hair Chronicles: Length Retention & Growth

It never ceases to amaze me at how amazed people are when I show them the length of my hair. I feel like people really think just because I have MAJOR shrinkage that what they see is really all they get when it comes to my hair.



Kinky Hair Unlocked: Event Recap

Bloggers Kiwi the Beauty & Naturally Glam
This past weekend in Atlanta was a complete world wind of fun, events and little to no sleep (glad I had that bed at the Hilton though check out my review HERE). 

My first stop only hours after I hopped off the plane on Friday evening was the Kinky Hair Unlocked Event Hosted by Trudy of 4C Hair Chicks and Dark And Lovely, representing real well for all of our tightly coiled  type 4 natural hair ladies! 

OOTD: City Chic For Kinky Hair Unlocked ATL

The hardest thing about blogging may really be picking the perfect outfit for an event. This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Kinky Hair Unlocked event in Atlanta, GA hosted by 4CHairChicks (check out my event recap HERE). I was super excited about the event and seeing fellow type 4 hair ladies and bloggers in one place...but when it came to an outfit...I was completely lost.

Sallys & Beautiful Textures Flaunt Your Look: Event Recap

You can't tell me that my VA curlies don't love their Beautiful Textures Products...


And they proved it when they came out to the Beautiful Textures Flaunt Your Look Event that I hosted at the Sallys Beauty Supply in Alexandria Va just a few weeks ago on April 10th!

The Best Bed In Atlanta: Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel Review

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be in Atlanta working with ORS for the World Natural Hair Show. Although there were a number of highlights from the events I attended one of the BEST highlight was the bed at the Hilton Atlanta Airport hotel.

Better than Vickies?! Adore Me Review

Two thing I'm sure every girl can agree on is that 1, we love a good deal and 2, we love a good bra and panty set!

Now what if I told you you could get a good deal and a good bra and panty set all in one!?

Well then we would be talking about Adore Me!

Kylie Jenner Challenge: Why I Hate The Internet As A Woman Of Color

I blame her (lol j/k cuz y'all sensitive).

It always seems like the dumbest shit pops up on your instagram feed when your minding your own business...like honestly.

Thats how it happens,  your mindlessly scrolling enjoying the plethora of eye candy from Man Crush Monday...then BAM the #KylieJennerChallenge is dead center in front of you. I could blame myself and the people that I follow but no...not me...I blame the internet.


OOTD: Casual Sex Appeal & Hair Products

 Hellooooooooooooooo Nurse!

Lol am I the only one old enough to remember the show Anamaniacs and get that reference? Hopefully not lol. 

This past Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the DC leg of The Pose and Post Symposium hosted and ran by the lovely and ever so talented Chrisette Michele.  If you love beautiful events full of women empowerment and brand building talk I suggest you check when the event is coming to your town and grab a ticket ASAP as DC sold out!

My Favorite Hair Products For 4C Hair

Recently you ladies have been sharing with me your frustrations with your natural hair on IG and on Youtube. 

A lot of you have reached out to me saying that until you found my page there were not a lot of natural hair bloggers who's hair you could relate to and that you don't know what products to use and are at a complete loss.



Keep Calm Girl & Do Yoga: Anxiety, Yoga & Meditation

The first I ever had a panic attack I was on the bus going to school and I literally thought I was about to die. Of course I didn't but that was literally what it felt like, I was short of breath my palms were sweating my mind was racing and I had no idea why
Those kinds of episodes continued for about 2 month or so off an on. I know now that they stemmed from being harassed and bullied by a group of girls who were VERY upset that I was dating a "popular" guy.


Make It Monday: Pretty Girl Cant Put It Down Shrimp Pasta Salad


...and I'm not just saying that because is my recipe, I'm saying it because it's TRUE!
Seriously I started making this pasta salad a few years back and its become my signature dish. If you invite me to any function between spring and fall, don't even question cuz this is what i'm bringing and its actually gotten to the point where I get request for it *hair flip*
I haven't shared a recipe on here in a while and since spring is upon us I thought this would be the perfect first recipe. I mean it screams spring, the pasta salad its self looks like spring! Is super bright, packed with yummy veggies and just makes you feel good.

How To Tie A Crown Style Head Wrap/Turban (video)


I get so many questions on instagram and in my email about my different head wraps and how I do them I thought it would only be right to give a few tutorials and show you how you can get the style too!

Find out how to get this look after the jump!



...and my faces vote is a very important one might I add lol

Ok, so last week I got some much anticipated beauty mail from the lovely people at It Cosmetics and truth be told I was really waiting for it at the do' because FedEx were being super slackers at package delivery *insert side eye*

ANYWAY after cracking open the box and recording a haul video which will be up later this week showing all the products I got...I did what any girl would do PLAY IN MY NEW MAKEUP!

Little did I know that some of the products I got would quickly become some of my new beauty faves!  Check out which ones and why after the jump!

Monday Motivation: Hope, Design & Attraction

This past week I have been in one of the biggest funks I have been in...in a very long time. Things were not quite going right with work, I felt like I was being looked over in business, I wasn't really sleeping or eating right...and most of all I felt lost with where my life was going/where it should be at 26 going on 27.

I had honestly wished that there was one thing in particular that was wrong so I could focus on it and fix it, however there were so many things that I wanted to address it felt overwhelming. So much so that after work on Friday around 7:00 pm I laid on the bed and didn't get back up until 12:30 pm the next day. 



DIY Room Decor Chic & Simple Lipstick Art

Hey loves!

So last week on my IG @Theprettygirlsguide I posted this cutesy picture of my dresser set up with the focus being my diy kiss art =)

Little did I know you guys would love it so much and have so many questions as to how you can get or make your own.

Since so many of you asked I decided to make a quick little video tutorial on how to make this super simple DIY after the jump! I hope you all enjoy!

MAC Cinderella Collection Review & Haul & Giveaway

Hey ladies...so yesterday morning bright and early I jumped out of my bed and braved the snow to run down to my local MAC store before they opened in order to be front and center in line for the Cinderella collections in store debut.

I knew from the craze that it created online that in store had the same possibility to be ridiculous soooo I figured I should act fast if I wanted to get my hands on anything.

Little did I know that once I got in the store I would realize that I could have kept my ass in bed -__-

Below you can check out my full video review, in depth pictures and find out exactly why this highly anticipated collection was a complete MISS for me.

How to make natural hair clip-in extensions

A while back on my INSTAGRAM you all got to see me sporting some super full and fro-licious hair from Haute Kinky Hair =) 

I was absolutely IN LOVE with it and so was everyone else =) Most people couldn't even tell that it wasn't my actual hair. When I told people that they were clip ins that I had made myself the first question was always how and the second was when are you making a tutorial lol

So of course...I had to make a tutorial to help all my curly girls out that want to add a little fluff to their puff. 

Clip ins aren't only for straight hair anymore!! 
Watch exactly how you can make your own after the jump!



So there is one thing that I know for sure and thats that everyone and I mean EVERYONE loves free stuff. Pretty much the only thing that people like more than free stuff is...FREE MONEY!

Now what if I told you I could help you get not only free stuff but free money to spend at one of the most popular lingerie stores eva!?!? You would like that right? Well if your interested KEEP READING!

Cold Weather Lip Essentials: Updated Lippy Faves

Hey loves!

So this cold weather doesn't seem to be letting up and truth be told I'm soooooo over it. Ever since the start of January this flow of super cold & dry air has been wreaking havoc on my skin, hair, nails and my usually silky smooth lips. 

Guiliana Rancic's Disrespectful Comment on Zendaya: Natural Reaction

So not two days after I felt compelled to make my "Oscars Best Dressed: Brown Girl Edition" which you can see HERE because I felt as though women of color and their beauty was being underrepresented on all the other *side eye* best dressed list. Fashion Police Host Guiliana Rancic took it upon herself to well....take a look after the jump



There must be no better feeling in the world then walking down the red carpet on Oscars night...I mean unless you actually count winning an Oscar, I suppose.

However if you are anything like me, when you hear Oscars your mind immediately jumps to GLORIOUS fashion and not movies or a little gold man. They should actually give out awards on the red carpet to the best dressed because CLEARLY they are the real MVP's .


OOTD On A Budget: Must Love Mustard

Great fashion doesn't have to be expensive..it just has to be great.

My First Time: Eyebrow Threading Experience

Its all about the brows baby....said its all about the brows baby!



Hey loves!

About a week ago *dances* week ago lol. I posted a picture to my Instagram page @theprettygirlsguide of me doing a length check and stretching my hair. As always when I do this, I got tons of questions about my hair.

One of the major questions this time around was how I stretch my natural hair to get the length that I do without using heat because as most of you know I have been heat free since I went natural this time around.

In order to help other naturals get the most out of their length without worrying about damaging their tresses with heat. I decided to make a video about how I go about stretching my natural hair and 4 other ways that you can use to achieve length without heat.

As always if you have any questions feel free to ask. I hope you all enjoy!

Until next time,
XO Deanna


Operation Savings 101: How to save your money successfully

Well GEEZ!

Its been a while right lol?
First and foremost.....

 For all of my loyal readers i'm super sorry I took such a long break from blogging, but it was the holidays and I did just move in November so I needed some time to myself and time to get things straightened out.

....Flash forward a month later since my break from blogging and things are still crazy but I had to get back to business!

I decided my first post should be on something that I feel would help everyone in the new year and something i'm trying to work on myself which is finances.

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