Holiday Party Drink Inspiration & Recipes (Alcoholic)

Hey there loves!

I can't believe that its almost mid November already, like where has the time gone? The next thing you know its going to be time to deck the halls and fa la la la la la la...well you get it lol at holiday parties.

Throwback to when I was in college Christmas and Holiday parties used to be my favorite kinds of parties, not because of all the yuletide cheer but because of the DRINKS!! 

There were always the most creative drinks at the parties I went to, including my favorite winter time drink peppermint hot coco.

So in remembrance of my good ol college days and in preparation for your upcoming holiday parties I have comprised a list of drink recipes befitting of the season...if you are of legal drinking age of course *side eye*

MAKE IT MONDAY: Pretty Girl Chili Recipe

After a decent amount of nights doing nothing but ordering take out and getting fast food once I got home from work. I finally decided to actually touch my stove. Truth be told I love cooking but never seem to find the time anymore with my work schedule.

Not really wanting to spend time cooking but knowing if I got fast food one more time I would probably be sick lol I decided to make my chili recipe. Its quick, simple super filling and last a few days. Once I was done I  posted this picture on my Instagram 

And I quickly got likes and request to share the recipe because apparently it looked that darn good. So as always, your wish is my command =)
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