PrettyGirlEats Baltimore: Lazy Sunday Adventures an Artifact Coffee Review

The weather this past Sunday in Baltimore was absolutely amazing!

It almost didn't even feel like fall, the sun was shining, there was a nice little breeze and everything just looked a little bit prettier than it already had been looking. So instead of spending what would normally be a lazy Sunday in my apartment I decided to head out on a little adventure.


October Favorites: Fall Tv Shows Edition (faves & thoughts)

Hey everyone so I hope I'm not the only one who's completely obsessed with this year's fall Tv show programming.

I think this might be the first time in years where I am actually sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for TV shows to come on at night. It's almost a flashback to when I was a little kid and TGIF is on except for I don't have to wait for Friday anymore it could be Thursday it could be Sunday it could be Monday. I get my shows all week and there are just so many good ones right now after I come home from work i'm a couch potato .... Like honestly if you gave me a choice between going out and watching How To Get Away With Murder and I'd be inside all night.

How To Shower Steam Your Hair & Steam Benefits

Hey Loves!

So its starting to get cold outside which means the weather is about to start reeking havoc on our happy little natural curls. The cold and harsh elements of fall and winter can really damage and dry out our hair if we don't take extra good care of it and take the necessary steps to retain moisture and protect our tresses.

Of course the easiest way to protect your hair through the winter months would be protective styling...and I'm pretty sure ill get there as sooooooon as I stop being lazy LOL! No honestly I tend to do all my hairstyles myself and have either been too lazy or busy to put in a protective in the mean time to retain moisture I've be working on some at home steaming methods.


5 Perfect & Inexpensive Lip Colors For Fall

Hey Loves!!

The past few weeks I have been on a huge lipstick kick and of course since fall is upon us most of the colors have been darker than what I usually reach for. 

But I love it!!  
I love that in fall & winter a girl gets to get a little seductive with her color choice its something about a dark lip thats just super sexy and the richer the color the better! Its just brings a little something extra to your look while keeping you mysterious ;)

Now played around with a few different brands of lipstick in my life time but the two that have always done it for me are MAC and Wet N Wild for their bold colors and long lasting wear. 

The Issue With Being Grateful...

At one point or another in life we're all guilty of being ungrateful...and more often than not I don't actually believe it's on purpose.

I don't think anyone strives to be ungrateful for the things that they have, the blessings they are given or the opportunities that they are allotted in life. I think more so it comes down to it being so hard to see the good when you're also being faced with bad.

No matter if it's in love, your every day life or situations with family having good things happen are often out shadowed by the bad things that tend to follow right behind any good situation.

And we focus so much on those bad things that the good even though it's still there disappears...

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