Ubiquitous 2014 Hair & Health Trade Show Recap

Its a week later and I'm still buzzing with excitement from attending the first annual Ubiquitous Hair Show held last weekend at the beautiful Omni Hotel in DC! Where I acutally had the honor of being a guest blogger! 

Let me just tell you this was not your everyday hair show. It was like a hair show, concert, life class, cosmetology school and shopping extravaganza all in one! The event was complete with celebrity guest Chrisette Michele and Chante Moore, as well as celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble star of LA Hair and has style the queen Beyonce herself honey and Afrobella the godmother of natural hair blogging was even there!!!

How to: Goddess style headband tutorial

Hey guys!

Im Super excited to share this with you. 

Everybody was questioning  how I got my headband tied like this. 

From the moment I uploaded a pic on Instagram to when I walked through the door at the Ubiquitous Hair Show I attended this weekend in DC, there were dropped jaws and questions questions questions!

Everyone wanted to know how I achieved the look and *gasp* I even got compliments from Chante Moore, Chrisette Michele and Kim Kimble on the style! 

And since you guys demanded a tutorial so here it is!

5 Tips & Habits For Healthy Natural Hair

One of the most frequently asked questions I get about about natural hair is how to keep it healthy. It seems as though everyone is on the hunt for some secret method or elixir that will magically turn their hair into the poster child for the "perfect" natural hair overnight. 

When the truth is.....it aint gonna happen captain. Healthy natural hair takes work to get and to maintain and depending on the condition your hair was in previously, when you big chopped or where you are in your natural journey how long it will take to get to a "healthy" state and what you need to do to get it there can be different from one curly girl to the next.

The Pretty Girls Guide To Baltimore Restaurant Week: Brio Tuscan Grille Review


GAHHHH I was SUPER excited this past week guys!

Why you ask?  *Drum roll* because it was restaurant week here in Baltimore!!!  

If your not familiar with what restaurant week is, its when restaurants (chain or not) in your city put together special menus, sometimes consisting of their signature dishes and limited time items on a 3 course set up (appetizer, main course, desert) for one set price. Here in Baltimore most of the restaurants that participate are the best of the best and normally a bit pricy. But for restaurant week a full lunch will run you only $15.00 and a full dinner will can range between $20.00 and $30.00. Which clearly is a far cry from what a three course meal would cost at any of the restaurants on a regular night.

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